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Aderyn Glas in Sayiadha

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Comfort on board

Page 2 - Comfort in the Cockpit

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We spend a lot of our time in the cockpit, either when we are sailing the boat or when we're at anchor or moored and we've refined the standard Moody outfit over the years until Aderyn Glas now boasts a cockpit we can relax in whatever we're doing.

We also ensured that we never have to leave the cockpit to sail the boat. All the controls are to hand and so are the instruments.

At anchor

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Motoring with the bimini set

We've always used a bimini, in fact we erect it at the start of our cruise and don't take it down until we leave the boat to go home so we always have some cockpit shade. Some people scowl at this on the grounds of its acting like a sail but we've never had a problem with it even in a blow. Some people never use a bimini at all, we think their brains must get overheated. We also have a spray hood and dodgers but that's to keep us dry, although in recent seasons we've taken both of these down from time to time and appreceiate the extra airflow and visibility. ♥♥♥♥♥

We picked up a tip somewhere in our travels and so we now have a plant spray bottle to hand filled with synthetic sweat (aka water). Evaporating off the water has the same cooling effect as evaporating off the sweat.♥♥♥

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Cockpit seats

Comfort seats Helmsman seats

Comfort seats from C & J Marine. While Ann fits the cockpit quite nicely I've always had trouble getting comfortable. The coaming just isn't the right height for me so on a recommendation we bought two of these and they're absolutely wonderful (someone should send me a cheque at this point). They are adjustable and solid and grip the decking well. We rarely use them when we're sailing but as soon as we've tied up they come out. ♥♥♥♥♥

When we are sailing we use two Iroko 'helmsman seats' that we added to the pushpit. In port these fold up against the railing. We pinched this idea from a Legend which has them built-in together with drinks holders. We don't quite run to that but the seats are comfortable enough provided we steer with our feet. ♥♥♥

Detachable wheel

Steering wheel stowed while in port

After years of struggling to get around the wheel in port we finally realised that we could detach it. At first I just used a spanner but then bought a quick release nut which the winch handle fits. It comes off with the Autohelm motor still attached which is a small nuisance but not much of a price to pay for the extra freedom. Another small nuisance is that the Woodruff key comes loose as soon as the wheel is removed so we carry a few spares ready for that plop that precedes the sinking feeling. ♥♥♥

Sculpted drinks table

Binnacle table and the drinks holder

The binnacle table is another home made furnishing and folds down against the binnacle when it's not in use. The drinks holder was made from Iroko and together they make the cockpit a great place to relax, drink and eat. The drinks holder also does duty at sea when we use it to hold water bottles, PMR radios, PLB, torches etc etc... ♥♥♥♥

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